Review: Crushing on the Cop - Piper Rayne

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Crushing on the Cop (Blue Collar Brothers, #2)

Review: Crushing on the Cop - Book #2 Blue Collar Brothers - Piper Rayne - October 2018

We had Manny the Fireman, and now we have the "nice" brother Cristian who went into the Police force. Out of the three brothers, he happened to be the nice one who cared about everybody and doing what was right. He was bet on for Vanessa who it would have been easy to get a date, but she happens to be his big boss's daughter and has a no dating Police Officers rule. Cristian isn't one to give up on a challenge and will keep persevering until he can finally get Vanessa to cave in as he is a predicament himself as his boss keeps asking him when he is going to take out his daughter.  It's not like the pair can help but run into one another as of course Vanessa's best friend and one of her roommates is dating Cristian's older brother. As the couple gets to know one another though, it seems that they are both well suited to one another and that despite Vanessa being entirely against the pairing, Cristian might be the one to get under her skin and chisel the hardness that surrounds her heart and blocks her from getting close to anyone. Like any of Piper Rayne's books, I love not only the chemistry and the banter between the characters but also the crossovers with characters from the Charity Case series.  I am now looking forward to reading the last book in the Blue Collar Trilogy as Crushing on the Cop ended in an OMG what's going on a cliffhanger with Luca and Lauren.


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