Review: Her Last Lie - Amanda Brittany

Her Last Lie

Review: Her Last Lie - Amanda Brittany - January 2018

Six years ago, Isla was part of a crime spree that happened when she was traveling. She was the victim that got away whereas the girls including her best friend weren't as lucky. Isla is trying to move on with her life with her fiance and her travel book. Her latest stop was Canada, and she had the trip of a lifetime. However, Isla is starting to feel that she is being watched and after hearing how Carl Jeffrey's sister was trying to get an appeal, she thinks that it is related to the case as little clues and knick-knacks from her past are showing up. Has someone come to exact revenge on Isla and believe that she lied about what happened between her and Carl? This at first was a bit of an odd read, and it was a bit like reading a possible paranoia state, but as the book went along, it seemed like there was someone trying to mess with her. In parts, it felt disjointed and didn't make a lot of sense as it was almost like she was in a bipolar or DID state. As I read the last chapter though, the book made complete sense and answered a lot of my questions and made sense with me thinking of the different state of minds.  Because it is a British mystery, it is a bit slower pace as well as they tend to walk through their mysteries rather than rush like the Americans. Also as readers know, I am a cover fan, and this cover was amazing.


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