Review: Revenge - James Patterson and Andrew Holmes


Review: Revenge - Book #1 David Shelley - James Patterson and Andrew Holmes - September 2018
This was a new series featuring the introduction of a former SAS agent called David Shelley. I find it always a touch and go when James Patterson introduces new authors, but I enjoyed this book and hoped we get more adventures of David and his wife. Like many of James Patterson's books, this one too was short chapters and fast-paced and had a few plotlines running through the book. One of the things I liked about this book was that David had good morals and strong ethical background. As he could have quickly gone the revenge route along with everybody else, and he wanted revenge but went about it the right way as they took away Emily whom he cared about and then tried to take his wife from him when it showed that he wasn't going to back down from the bad guys. When reading a mystery /adventure story, if the main character is a genuinely nice guy you seem to love the novel more. I liked how he wasn't turned as an I don't give a crap type ex-soldier, but someone whom you knew cared about the lives of those around them and did well in the world. I am looking forward now to reading more adventures of David Shelley and seeing what future trouble he can get up too and save the day.


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