Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Review: Room 519 - Last Resort Motel Series - S. Van Horne

Last Resort Motel : Room 519 (Last Resort Motel, #3)

Review: Room 519 - Book #3 The Last Resort Motel Series - S.Van Horne - March 2018

This is a series that I love as it is set around the same motel, but different authors have introduced different guests. In Room 519, we meet Jackson who is an ex-cop now turned bounty hunter looking for a skip whom he has just discovered died a few months in the mining accident - remember the first book with Max and Aurora and the little accident ;) We also have Jennifer who has landed at the motel for a different reason - she has been trying to escape an evil abusive ex and was running away when her car broke down. With nowhere else to go, she heads to the motel - only to discover all the rooms are booked. One thing leads to another and Max, and Aurora takes her under their wing and offers her a bed in their cabin. Jackson is attracted to Jennifer, but with Jennifer's history, she is a bit shaky and then with the added fact that Jackson was a cop like her partner. Can Jackson prove to Jennifer he is nothing like her ex David? What will happen though when Jackson gets a new skip, and it turns out to be David? Someone who isn't going to give Jennifer up without a fight? When it comes down to a fight to the death - who will win Jackson or David? Find out in Room 519 by S. Van Horne.

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