Review: False Hope - Meli Raine

False Hope (False #2)

Review: False Hope - Book #2 False Series -Meli Raine - December 2018
OMG, this series continues to blow me away if you need a great romantic suspense author to devour then Meli Raine is the author for you. WOW in the second book, we had Duff finding out the reason why Lily was faking her amnesia and then finally a great bonding session between Duff, Silas, Jane, and Lily over at Alice's old ranch. This series just keeps readers on their toes as new conspiracies and secrets pop up all over the place, and you think you have a handle on what is happening and the threads and then wham bam another few threads are added, and you are like OMG when's it's all going to stop and who just is really pulling the strings ? I did like that False Hope we finally get some answers from questions that arose in both the Harmless Series and Shameless series, like who was Jane's island informant and what happened in the ballroom between Jane and Nolan? The other thing that Meli Raine is well-known for is that she ends all of her books on the biggest cliffhangers, that make you want to hurry up and read the next book. Always the downside when you get ARCS, it means you have to wait just that little bit longer for the next book.  I am now sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation for Book #3, and unless something big happens to a character, I will be sad to see this conspiracy finish. One extra thing I love about the False series is the covers are to die for. They are so beautiful.


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