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Review: Controlling Cosette - Atty Eve

Controlling Cosette (My Beautiful Suicide, #2)

Review: Controlling Cosette - Book #2 My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve - December 2014
At the end of Book #1, we had a failed suicide attempt by murderer which OMG turned out to be her boyfriend Chris and the people she killed -most of them had been his family WTF. I didn't see that coming to be honest. In this book, Hilda has been kidnapped by Chris and Ben. Cosette is feeling guilty that she alter ego Bonnie made more killings and more so the fact that her suicide mission failed. She didn't want to be in this world, and she is trying so hard not to let Bonnie out again. During this book, Cosette's friends will discover hers and Chris's secrets and to their surprise want to be part of their group. This will lead to a weird reverse harem sort of relationship and massive orgies etc. and kissing one another.
Meanwhile, one of the officers will discover Cosette's secret and use her for their advantage to help kill criminals and those who deserve it. I have to admit, I was enjoying this book until about halfway, and then the characters just started to frustrate me, and the book seemed to drag on and on and just go full on weird for me and entirely off tangent - like seriously how are the parents and police this stupid to see what is happening. I am now questioning whether to continue with the next book as this is turning out weirder than I expected initially.

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