Review: The Orchid Girls - Lesley Sanderson

The Orchid Girls

Review: The Orchid Girls - Lesley Sanderson - November 2018

I was in the mood for a mystery novel, and I love ones set where the book has them at a younger age and often has flashbacks of life in the past and present. Years ago when the main characters were 13/14 - three left that day, and only two returned home. Molly, Grace, and Charlotte all went to hang out, and just Molly and Grace returned home. The next day, Charlotte was found dead, and there wasn't enough evidence to accuse Molly and Grace of Charlotte's murder. Molly and Grace who were inseparable were then split up after the incident, and we learn years later that Grace was shipped off to her aunt's in Paris while Molly stayed behind. Fast forward years later, another girl has gone missing, and the girl is the spitting image to Charlotte. This act causes a chain reaction in the book between the characters as Molly seeks Grace out. Grace has tried to move on and is now married to a Politician whereas Molly's life has not turned out as excellent and she flips from relationship to relationship and has no stability. When the girls get together eventually, we learn that they had a close relationship that reminded me a bit of the Heavenly Creatures murder with Honoria Parker and Juliet Hulme that happened in NZ. During the book too, Grace reaches out to her father and learns that he had hidden secrets from that time and now with the recent missing girl it has caused all those memories to be dredged back up. We learn that Grace's husband's family also have a connection to the latest missing girl. With years of built up secrets and hidden truths? Will Molly and Grace ever be able to learn what happened to Charlotte and find the current missing girl?
Find out in this Brit Lit Mystery "The Orchid Girls."



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