Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: 12th of Never - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Are you a fan of James Patterson's series "Women's Murder Club" ?
Get ready for Book #12
Review: 12th of Never - Book #12 Women's Murder Club Series - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - April 2013
Are you a dedicated James Patterson fan ? If so, then you are like me and would have read all of his series and your heart would skip a beat or two everytime a new book in any of his series is released . You get this giddy and excited feeling, that you just can't help but get stuck into it . Sometimes this feeling will leave you satisfied and happy of the experience other times it may leave you feeling a bit dejected as the book hasn't quite lived up to the excitement and thrill.
That is how I feel everytime I open a new James Patterson book, some leave me happy - whereas others leave me feeling dejected.  The latest book in the Women's Murder Club slotted in between as parts were thrilling others were disappointing.
We are reunited with all our favourite characters from Lindsay Boxer and Joe who welcome the birth of their new baby girl Julie - however Lindsay and Joe face terrible news when their daughter gets sick . Will they have to say goodbye to their new daughter ?
Yuki is up against the two sleaziest lawyers in what could be a huge case for her , will she win it or bomb out when the daughter who is supposed to be dead "turns up alive" ? Yuki is still seeing Brady - is he any further away from being "not married" ?
Claire is investigating a murder of a women named Faye Farmer - what happens though when her body disappears from the morgue and Claire is found negligent ? Will this be the end of Claire Forensic Investigator or is someone trying to set Claire up for the fall and why ?
Cindy's relationship is on the rocks with Rich Conklin - are the pair over for good especially when a new intern sets her sights on Rich ? Or will the pair try and give counselling and couples therapy a go?
Find out all this and more in James Patterson's and Maxine Paetro's new installment in the Women's Murder Club............... The "12th of Never".


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