Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Looking for a new book to get stuck into ?
Did you love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and From Ashes by Molly McAdams?
Get ready for another New Adult to add to your ever-growing reading list:
Review: Taking Chances - Book #1 Taking Chances - Molly McAdams - October 2012
Wow , what is it that makes Molly McAdams books so addictive ? As like From Ashes, that was a book I could not out down , I just had to keep reading it even though certain characters frustrated the heck out of me, Taking Chances was better in the way that only slightly did a few characters annoy me and if not for the OMG twist in the book that I so did not ever in my life see coming, it would have been the one I thought she should have landed with.
Taking Chances tells the story of Harper , an 18yr old who is just starting college. All her life she has been home-schooled on a Marines base and now for the first time in her life , she is free to be her.  Once she arrives at her dorm, she immediately clicks with Bree - her roommate and we are transported to Bree's house where we meet her family and friends.  It is also where Harper will meet the two guys that her heart will ache for - Chase and Brandon. Right throughout the novel , it is almost a competition and a race to see who will win her heart. When things start to become clear, just to shake it up Molly McAdams brings in Carter - her best friend from the Marine Base who is also in love with her.
When life-changing decisions occur , who will Harper rely and lean on ? Will her brief college and family interaction she have prepare her for the future she is about to experience ?
Taking Chances for those who have read Beautiful Disaster will find in parts, a similar storyline - the only difference is that Taking Chances will definitely take you on a rollercoaster of raw emotions and intense spots.
After the experience I have had with From Ashes and now Taking Chances, I am adding Molly McAdams to my all-time favourite authors list.


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