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Have you ever sat waiting for the bus and thought "I really should have brought a book with me to pass the time" or what about when you are waiting for the bus, train or subway and you are reading a book and thought "Ok, I have finished my book, what shall I do with it ? "
In London, Launched in October 2012, Books on the Underground is as simple as it sounds. Acting as a commuter library, Books on the Underground regularly distribute a collection of literary reads on the tubes for passengers to borrow and enjoy for free, before going on to share themselves.
Books on the Underground is as simple as it sounds. Books travelling around the London Underground network waiting to be read.

Think of us as your local library, but without the late fees. Just be sure to put them back when you've finished.
 You just finished that amazing book you’ve been reading, and you want to share it with the world? Well that’s what we wanted to do, so we created Books On The Underground.

We went out and we left some of our favourite books on the London underground.

They’re there to be taken, read, shared, and most importantly, enjoyed. We’d love you to join us and leave some of your books on the underground – after all, a good read cheers us all up.

So if you do want to join us, drop us an email to or drop us a note on the ‘ask me anything’ section and we will send you some stickers to place on your own books. If you want you can even send us a picture where you’ve left them, tweet it to us @Booksundergrnd.

We hope you’re enjoying the books travelling around London.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Living in New Zealand ?
Whilst on holiday in Wellington at the start of February , I did a similar thing as I had finished a book I was reading and as I was at the Wellington Railway Station - I left the book on the seat with one of my Phantom Paragrapher cards with a little note scrawled on the back for the recipient. 
However if I had, had access to the Internet and a Printer at the time I would have joined up for Book Crossing which is found at and is an International site similar to the work that Books on the Underground do.
With Book Crossing you also have the added pleasure of watching where your book that you passed on turns up.
So next time you have finished a book , why not join up and leave your book out in the world for someone else to pick up and enjoy.



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