Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Private Berlin - James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Are you a fan of James Patterson's Writings ?
Love and been following his Private series ?
Review: Private Berlin - Book #6 Private Series - James Patterson and Mark Sullivan - January 2013
James Patterson transports us to the world of Berlin with his new installment of the Private Office Series . Jack Morgan is overtaking the world with his Private Investigation businesses and this time we take a trip to his Berlin offices. One of his employees Chris has been found murdered in an old slaughterhouse along with another female. What is discovered though is much more worst than they ever could imagine as the team uncover a mass grave of bones , skeletons, skulls underneath the floor at the Slaughterhouse and some of the bones date back to thirty years ago. Thirty years ago, six children were taken into an orphanage and given new identities so that they would never be discovered - Chris included. Now though, someone is tracking down those six children and killing them one by one. Can Mattie - one of the Private Berlin employees and Chris's ex-fiancee discover why they are being hunted and help capture the killer before all six are killed ?  What is the dark secret , that all are wanting to keep hidden ? What happened those nights thirty years ago at the Slaughterhouse that has made someone want to kill to keep the secrets hidden and to finish the job?
Another fast-paced and awesome installment in the Private Series and we read as Jack Morgan makes an appearance. What I love about the Private series is that no matter where in the world the organisation takes us whether it be LA , London, Oz or Berlin - Jack Morgan and other characters are mentioned throughout the series, not just dedicated to the one book per characters.

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