Review: Hidden by Marianne Curley

Looking for a new series to get into ? Loving the fantasy side of things but want to move away from Vampires and Werewolves ?
Check out Marianne Curley's new series "Avena".
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Review: Hidden - Book #1 Avena Series - Marianne Curley - June 2013
I first discovered Marianne Curley about 5-6 years ago with her books The Named etc and loved them and then just the other day, I saw arrive at the library in our new books bin -a new book by her , the first in a new series and I just knew I had to read it - that and the fact that it had an awesome cover.
Hidden tells the tale of Ebony who all her life has lived a pretty sheltered life , she always thought it was that her parents were strict and wanted to protect her but soon she will discover that they had a deeper and darker secret to why Ebony must never venture out. Years ago when Ebony was born, she was delivered on the doorstep of her parents and told to keep her safe which they have done and have done a really good job until now.  As Ebony's birthday comes closer, the truth of who she is will be revealed as strange things start happening to Ebony including growing feathered wings . Who is Ebony and who were her birth parents ? What is happening to her ?
Personally , I found Hidden off to an awesome start but once it got to around the middle it went a tad boring-like but as you near the novel it does pick up again making you glad that you perservered with the book.
Find out all this and more in a new series by Marianne Curley.



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