Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Drowning Instinct - Ilsa Bick

Looking for a book that will have you captivated from the first page ? A book that if you tried to explain it to others - it would be difficult ?
Review: Drowning Instinct - Ilsa J. Bick - February 2012
Have you ever read a book that was so hard to review ? You just couldn't find the words to explain it but it was OMG amazing and worth reading ? For me, that was Drowning Instinct - from the cover I was captivated and drawn in and then as I saw the author's name I wondered if I would enjoy it or not as I wasn't a huge fan of her Draw the Dark and Ashes Books.
However as I have always been a fan of Pyschological and Edgy Content fiction - I adored Drowning Instinct. So if you are a fan of Craziness , Love, Forbidden Romances etc then this is the book for you.
This is one book that I would highly recommend all to read.
The second thing that drew me in , which Im sure will draw you in was the blurb in which here is a snippet.
There are stories where the girl gets her prince, and they live happily ever after. (This is not one of those stories.)
There are stories where the monster gets the girl, and we all shed tears for his innocent victim. (This is not one of those stories either.)
And there are stories where it’s hard to be sure who’s a prince and who’s a monster, who is a victim and who should live happily ever after. (These are the most interesting stories of all.)





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