Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Reboot - Amy Tintera

Needing a change of reading materials ?
Wanting to move away from Romance and Supernatural stories ?
Check out Amy Tintera's new release and stay tuned as it has already been rumoured to be a creation in film.
Review: Reboot - Book #1 Reboot Series - Amy Tintera - May 2013
Needing to move away from the world of Romance and New Adult fiction which not to say is awful but it's whats cluttering our bookshelves ?
Try Amy Tintera's debut novel Reboot - set in a world which was a cross for me between The Hunt Trilogy by Andrew Fukuda and The Generation Dead Series by Daniel Waters. All around the states , children are dying everyday from either deaths of gunshots or dying of the disease KDH. What's happening though to the children after they die is the shocking thing as their bodies are rebooting after dead. The longer it takes for their body to reboot , the more skilled they are at becoming the much-needed assassin. For Wren , she died 5 years ago when she was 12yrs old. For Wren , it took her body 178 minutes to reboot. No other body has reached her level and by all means she should be stripped of all human identity.  A long time ago, she taught herself to be devoid of all human contact but when a set of newbies arrive and one of them a 22 minute named Callum. Wren starts to question what is right and what is wrong ? Especially when she discovers via her roommate an Under-60 , that the guards have been posioning them. What will happen when Wren discovers that their is a rebellion happening among the Reboots . Will she dob it into the authorities or will she embrace it and along with her new friends - swing sides ?
Reboot is a new venture away from the straight romance and has something for everyone including dystopian, science fiction , romance and the odd case of the Zombie curse.

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