March is ... International Women's Month

As we past through International Women's Month for March 2013 , we celebrate on The Phantom Paragrapher some of our favourite Mystery Writers along with a Video from Open Road Integrated Media.
As a huge mystery reader, some of my favourite authors are females from the Two Karens - Karen Rose and Karen Robards , to the two Lippman's Laura and Elinor along with some of Nora Robert's Romantic Suspense which includes titles like Montana Sky , Carolina Moon and Blue Smoke.
March is Women’s History Month: a month-long celebration of the heroines who have changed history, and a time devoted to supporting the women that continue to inspire us every day. This year, we are celebrating Women’s Mystery Month, paying homage to the women writers who are as tough as their detectives.
SPEAK UP: “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for a lot of female writers who came before me who decided they weren’t going to shut up.” –Laura Lippman, author of the Tess Monaghan series.
VIDEO: We’re kicking off our celebration with a short video mash-up featuring several bestselling female mystery authors, including Laura Lippman, Anne Perry, Jane Langton, Susan Dunlap, and Susan Isaacs, who speak about breaking into the male-dominated and previously considered “unladylike” mystery and crime genres. The video can be viewed on our site here and on YouTube here.
INFOGRAPHIC: We’re thrilled about our infographic, “From Amateurs to Private Eyes: Celebrating Fictional Female Sleuths,” which explores some of the gutsiest lady sleuths in fiction. The infographic is available on our site here.
SHARE: We encourage you to share both the video and the infographic on your site or through your social networks. If you’re interested, we urge you to participate by posting about your favorite female mystery authors, female detectives, or simply visit our Women’s Mystery Month page to explore the complete list of participating authors and titles here.
Happy Women’s Mystery Month!


  1. Great post. Happy Women's Mystery Month!


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