Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter

Shhhh.... Never trust a thief or can you ?
Find out in Book #2 of The Heist Society by Ally Carter.
Review: Uncommon Criminals - Book #2 Heist Society - Ally Carter - June 2011
So Ally Carter famous for her Gallagher Girl series has jumped to the other side of trouble from Spies to Mastermind Thiefs or as Kat Bishop , the main character of the Heist Society series likes to point out she is not a thief, merely a bringer back of stolen goods.
At the end of Heist Society, we read as Kat was deciding whether or not to return to boarding school and escape her criminal family once and for all , or fall back into her old habits as her first heist was when she was three years old.
In Uncommon Criminals, we learn she took the family route and has been flying solo on a few missions and it seems that she has caught the heist bug. Especially when she is approached to steal Cleopatra's Emerald, an emerald that is said to be cursed and everyone who has ever tried to steal it has ended up with bad luck.
Can Kat with the help of her cousin Gabby and best friend Hale pull off the Heist ? Or will they need to bring in the best as we meet Kat and Gabby's Uncle Charlie.
What will happen though when Kat discovers that she has been conned and that her stealing of the Cleopatra's Emerald is in fact part of a game that has been forty years in the making and that the Queen has just been searching for a pawn great enough to do the job for her without getting caught.
Can Kat with the help of friends and family rectify the mistake before it's too late or will the Emerald be gone forever ?
Find out in Book #2 of The Heist Society Series and stay tuned for Books #2.5 and #3.

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