Review: Forever my Girl - Heidi McLaughlin

Looking for an awesome read ? Something to get your blood pumping the same way "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire did ?
I always find it interesting when I discover indie authors as more often than not their books are amazing and more captivating than those found in mainstream works.
Review: Forever My Girl - Book #1 Beaumont Series - Heidi McLaughlin- December 2012
You know how sometimes you come across an Indie read and its like OMG brilliant and you cannot put it down at all and at the end you want the next one to hurry up and be released. That's what it felt like when I was reading Forever my Girl by Heidi McLaughlin , this is one of those Indie treasure books - the one where it is brilliant and outshines.  I had heard a bit about this book on my FB group "BA aka Bookaholics Anon" and thought hmm that sounds interesting and the cover was pretty awesome too. The other thing that drew me to this book was the fact that the guy on the front cover was holding a guitar and I like reading Rock Star novels which seems to be a huge theme at the moment in the "New Adult" novels category. Forever my Girl starts with the setting of rock star alter-ego Liam Page - having a one-night stand as usual , his heart belonging to only one person - then the scene flips to a newspaper obituary about his former best friend Mason.  So begins the journey home for his friend Mason's funeral. What should have only been a couple of days turns into longer as he discovers that he should have never left behind the one he loves - Josie. But Josie is hiding a secret , she has a son named Noah who belongs to Liam Westbury  and Josie is also about to get married to Nick Ashford - one of their old classmates. Is it too late for Liam to get a second chance or will the knowledge and love he has for Josie and Noah be enough for him to stick around and start a new life here in his old hometown of Beaumont ?
This was a fast paced novel and one that was totally awesome and I cannot wait now to read Book #2 in the series.



  1. I Loved Loved Loved this book..I cant say enough about it <3


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