Review: Parallel - Lauren Miller

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Review: Parallel - Lauren Miller - May 2013
One of my favourite things about book reviewing is getting the chance to read and review books before they are available to the public :). Have you ever read a book that you thought was really weird and odd , confusing at times -well most of the time but in saying that you couldn't put it down and you just had to continue reading it with the hope that it would either change or later on make sense ?
For me that book was Parallel by Lauren Miller. Unsure what to expect, the novel started out like a normal story with the main character Abby in L.A filming a movie and hanging out with her newfound friends for her 18th Birthday. Feeling tired, she headed to bed and from that night she soon found herself bouncing around in different scenarios and parallel universes When Abby wakes up, she discovers that she has gone back in time to the start of her last years Semester and an earthquake has occurred causing her to be late to school and instead of being able to pick Drama which is what has lead her to this very moment, she is to pick Astronomy. Then the story flips to her at Yale , then back to High School and vice versa. What is happening to Abby and will she ever be able to return back to her normal life ? The only life she remembers clearly ?
Readers, if you are like me you will in spots find yourself confused and wondering what the heck is going on and how could that happen , but persevere if you feel like giving up as it is a story you may very well enjoy.



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