Review: After - Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

A genre that has become more popular since the release of the Hunger Games is what is known as Dystopia or in more YA Fiction terms dyslit.
Review: After - Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling - October 2012
With Dyslit on the rise in teenage literature, several authors decided to bond together and create an anthology of contributions which lead to the release of the Dyslit Anthology "After" which contained nineteen stories of both the apocalypse and dystopia. Each story represents the aftermath of the society whether it be from the catastrophic event of the Apocalypse or the aftermath of an accident like an earthquake which released a virus into the air causing the humans to become infected ?
There were like most short story anthologies, tales that I tried to read and couldn't get through as they bored me but then amongst them were tales that I was engrossed in and loved. Some of my favourites included "The Segment" by Genevieve Valentine - in which the news is now faked and it is the job of the lowers to provide im
ages of what might have been on the news for those Uppers to see.  However, doing a great job and fooling the world is not as great as it is cracked up to be and can end in some deathly consequences as Poppy will learn.  After the Cure by Carrie Ryan who is famouse for her Supernatural books takes us into the world of what happens when Vampires are cured from a disease and allowed to return to their former human self. Valedictorian by N.K Jemisin reminded me a cross between the Eve series by Anna Carey and Bumped/Thumped series by Megan McCafferty as we meet Zinhle who if given the chance has the possibility to live outside of the Firewall and in a world filled with A.I.  Reading this anthology, you will also come upon authors who tend to write a specific genre e.g Beth Revis with her science fiction series which is reflected in her short story " The Other Elder" which is set in Space.
Like most anthologies, in "After" there is a story and something for everyone. You might not enjoy all of them but their will be a couple or more favourites hidden in the pages just for you.
This book will be enjoyable for those who have also read the anthologies by Trisha Telep and the new Dystopian Fantasy anthology Shards and Ashes by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr.


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