Review: Jar of Dreams - Liz Flaherty

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Review : Jar of Dreams - Liz Flaherty - January 2013
Have you ever looked at a cover and thought hmm that looks like a good book ?  Jar of Dreams was one of those books for me. The end result was that it wasn't half-bad but it wasn't the best book I have ever read.
Do you have a book where you write all your dreams and goals down in ? What about a jar like they had on the movie Legally Blonde 2 when Elle went to work in Politics ? This novel focuses a bit on that as the main female character has a jar of dreams, the other part which makes it a contemporary romance and a Carina Press book is that we meet Boone - the nephew of Aunt Gert, he has been called home by his sister Kelly as she claims Aunt Gert is failing and losing her mind. When he arrives , he discovers that she has taken in a couple of strays - Jack - a young boy who does her yardwork etc and Lucy. It is Lucy that worries Kelly and soon she also has Boone wondering if Lucy has an ulterior motive for hanging around with Aunt Gert. As the novel goes along we discover that Boone starts to develop feelings for Lucy , feelings he hasn't felt for anyone but his wife Maggie who passed away. The downside though is his ex-best friend and cousin Crockett might have the same thought and Boone's not sure if Lucy will be like another Maggie as Maggie was what tore them apart as she choose Boone over Crockett ?
Will History repeat itself in Jar of Dreams or will the Jar of Dreams help present a different outcome ?
I found that this book is like The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines but for Adults and the older audience.



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