Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Have you ever been the DUFF or in this case been called a Geek ? If so, then this is the book for you as it's time for the Geeks to stop being the Meeks and rise up and take their rightful places in the world.
geek girl
Review: Geek Girl - Holly Smale - February 2013
Being a geek can be a burden sometimes and the worst thing is that we can't help it, that's who we are. We are the ones born with facts swirling around in our heads, the ones that were born without 20/20 vision, the ones that have no sense of style and we would rather sit and read a book and study than learn the techniques of make-up and beauty. The thing is that more often than not we are comfortable in being "The Geek" , it's how other people choose to use that stereotype to bully us that really gets our knickers in a twist and our smile turned upside down. With Holly Smale's new novel "Geek Girl" , it shows readers that it is time for the Geeks to stand up and stop being labelled as Meeks . Geek Girl tells the tale of 15 yr old Harriet Manners and how a fashion-trip in which she didn't even want to go on turned out to be the turning point of her life as she of all people is spotted by a modelling agency and asked to become the face of a major brand.  Read in Geek Girl as Harriet's life is swooped up into the world of modelling, fashion and beauty . The one major thing that I loved about this novel is that they didn't go for the over pretty girl which was her best friend Nat and the author didn't change Harriet's personality at all even when she was doing the shows - she was still her geeky self with her knowledge of random facts blurting all over the place.
This is a fun teen read and fans of Kody Keplinger's The DUFF will enjoy this novel.


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