Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Missing by Shelly Shepard Gray

Do you love reading Amish Fiction ? Love a bit of a mystery twist ?
Have you read the backlist of titles by Shelley Shepard Gray aka Shelley Gray ?
Get ready for Book #1 in a brand new series....
Review: Missing - Book #1 The Secrets of Critterden County - Shelley Shepard Gray - March 2012
What started out as a day of rebelling turned out to be a day that Abby Anderson will never forget and a day that started the ball rolling in a decision that would change her life for good.  Whilst out with friends Abby spotted something in a well , a body which turns out to be the body of a boy from the Amish community whom disappeared a while back. The body of Perry Borntrager. Everyone thought that Perry had gone off into the Englisch world to live , no one thought he was dead more so murdered. Now the local Sheriff Moses with the help of an old friend whom he went through the Police Academy with Lucas must get to the bottom to discover what went on in those last days leading up to Perry's death and what he was like as a person. Missing will soon reveal a bundle of secrets, some unrelated to the case that people have been trying to keep hidden for years even decades .
Will secrets be revealed and faith tested in Missing ? Who had it out for Perry and who is keeping hidden the darkest secret of all ?
An awesome first book to a series that I look forward to reading more if only to discover who killed Perry and why.


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