Review: Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black

Do you love watching dance movies ? Are Ballet stories and films up your alley?
Read as Yelena Black mixes fantasy with reality in a fluid motion of Ballet in her new debut series "Dance of the Shadows".
Review: Dance of Shadows - Book #1 Dance of Shadows Series - Yelena Black - February 2013
Ever read a book that was so amazing that you found that you couldn't put it down and you just had to keep reading it to discover what happens and what is going on ? For me Dance of Shadows was one of those stories as it held not only the elements of reality with the main character and her friends being at a ballet school - the NYBRS ( The New York Royal Ballet Society) which we see feature in movies like Centre Stage 1 and 2 and Save the Last Dance 2, but it also mixed the aspect of mythology and the supernatural.
Vanessa has decided to join up to the Ballet Society and attend school in order to find out what happened to her sister three years ago when she went missing after attending the Ballet School. As the book carries on it seems that Margaret- Vanessa's sister isnt the only one to have vanished but a number of girls over the past twenty years and they all seem to be connected as the lead role in a dance called The Firebird. When Vanessa is cast as the lead role , will she be the one to disappear next or does Vanessa hold a certain aspect in her character and attitude that makes her different and stronger than the previous girls ? Will Vanessa get to the bottom of the deep dark secret and find out what happened to the girls or will she slip up when she falls in love with the male lead of the dance Zep aka Zepplin and her off-focus cause her to become another statistic ?
Dance of the Shadows was an amazing read and one that I cannot wait to read the next book and lucky for me to tide me over, I have the novella connected to the story which was released by Harper Impulse on Kindle.



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