Review: Ruined - Shelly Pratt

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 Review: Ruined - Shelly Pratt - March 2013
Living a lie can either go two ways , you can either become so good at deceiving others which can lead to you having the ability to believe your own lies or you can lie to others but find it hard to keep up and play The Lying Game. To borrow the tagline from the tv show "The Lying Game" it helps to describe this book as "How long could you keep up the Lying Game"?
In Ruined we meet couple Bailey and Carron - in a way they are good for each other, perfect almost. To Bailey, Carron represents a world of normancly and he loves her so that should be enough - shouldn't it ? However Bailey is not quite content as her heart belongs to another man who stole it a long long time ago - a man named Angel. He is the one she really wants but can never have .
Will Bailey continue to consider herself "Ruined" and unable to love Carron ? Or will the love Carron holds for Bailey, show her that no matter what she is the girl for him and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her ?
Ruined is a tale of love and obsession , a tale of mixed feelings that happens within us when we are trapped in a field of whom to love and who is the perfect man for us all . I was able to relate in a way to this story as I am sure most women can also admit too doing as when it comes to the crunch are we always married or with the person we truly love or do we keep a candle in our hearts alight for another person - the one that was let go either by us or them.
Ruined is a story that all should read and as they are reading it, women and the odd male if they choose to read the novel will sit there possibly with their heads nodding as if to say "I've been there".


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