Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: The Guilty - Sean Slater

In the mood for a murder mystery?
Have you been enjoying the Jacob Striker series by Sean Slater?
Ready for Book #3 ?
Review : The Guilty - Book #3 Detective Jacob Striker Series - Sean Slater - March 2013
Are you a fan of murder novels ? Love the fast-paced action packed ones rather than the slow murder mysteries that divulge too deep into the forensics side of things ? For me, when it comes to my murder mysteries I need them to be gripping otherwise it's like BOORRING. I need to be kept entertained throughout the whole novel.
Sean Slater is one of those authors that though his books may be chunky, he has managed to pull of a fast-paced and gripping serial killer tale. All of his book are based around the main detective called Jacob Striker and his police homicide team.
In The Guilty, they are sent to a scene of an abandoned building and a bomb site . Interrupted the killer has escaped along with the victim , has the victim been killed or has the killer got something else in mind for her ? Soon not one, but two people have been killed in a bombing incident , are the two cases different or is somebody trying to send a message to the police ? What will happen when it is discovered that the killer is hunting down ex and current police officers of a unit that existed fifteen years ago ? What has triggered this attack and why now ? Who has been holding onto a grudge for this long and why ?
The Guilty is a novel that will have you gripped as we delve deeper into the reason of the case and read as Striker and his partner both at work and in bed Felicia unearth a police conspiracy that has laid dormant for all these years ?
The Guilty by Sean Slater , if you love mystery novels and want to be held captive to the work of crime is the book for you and while you are at it. Check out his previous two novels The Survivor and Snakes & Ladders.

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