Review: The Vincent Boys - Abbi Glines

Looking for a new series to start ? Loving the current category of New Adult ?
Check out Book #1 in Abbi Glines "Vincent Boys Series".
Review: The Vincent Boys - Book #1 The Vincent Boys Series - Abbi Glines - October 2011
Looking for a new Indie author to read ? One of my favourites ever since I fell in love with her book "Breathe" is Abbi Glines. Now this book has been on my TBR list for like ever, and it is one that the FB group I belong to have all read - I am just behind the times in that group as I have all the books - I just don't happen to read them when they do.
The Vincent Boys is the first book in the Duo Series by Abbi Glines , the story starts with the setting of Seven Years Ago with three best friends Sawyer, Ashton and Beau.  Ashton and Beau were always the "peas in the pod" as they were as troublesome as each other - always pulling pranks on people. Sawyer on the other hand was the good one , the one that cleaned up Beau and Ashton's messes. The three were inseperable until Sawyer asked Ashton to be his girlfriend and so three years went by and Beau and Ashton drifted apart.
That is until now, with Sawyer away on a wilderness trek , Ashton has been spending alot more time with Beau and reconnecting their friendships. With Beau , Ashton can be herself as she doesn't have to pretend that she is the preacher's goody-two-shoes daughter. She can be Ashton , the cheeky girl who used to love mud and play pranks.
What happens though when Sawyer returns, will Ashton go back to her old life with Sawyer or will the past few weeks that she has spent with Beau show her where she is most happiest?
Also as we know Sawyer and Beau are cousins, we learn that their bloodlines may run a little more deeper near the end of The Vincent Boys.


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