Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: Abandon All Hope - M.J Schiller

Abandon All Hope (Rocking Romance, #2)

Review: Abandon All Hope - Book #2 Rocking Romance Collection - M.J Schiller - June 2013

Growing up Hope and Chase first met when they were 12 years and became best friends and eventually when they got to high school became boyfriend/girlfriend - this couple were destined to be together and were finally happy until Prom Night when Hope overheard Chase talking to his ex-girlfriend about a baby and then saw them kissing. The next day Hope was gone and now the book flashes forward to ten years later where Hope is now a writer for a Chicago newspaper and hoping to get a big story soon , her boyfriend Philip is one of the staff members and all is going well. That is until she hears a name from her past - Chase Hatton is back in town and now he is a major Rock Star and has offered the newspaper a chance at shadowing him while he is on his Chicago leg of the tour. Since her Editor knows Hope lived in the same town as Chase, he assigns her to the job. Their past issues have never been resolved and they both have different ideas of what happened the last night they saw one another as they were really each other's first true loves. Can Hope get the scoop without becoming emotionally involved with Chase ? Can they get through the interview professionally without the past bubbling to the surface ? What will happen though when truths and secrets are revealed which leaves each party wondering What if ? Will Hope stay with Philip or will she choose her soulmate and true love prevail with Chase ?
Find out in Abandon All Hope which comes from a title of one of Chase's first songs - by MJ Schiller - another Rocking Romance filled with Journalists and RockStars and despite the cover looking like a YA novel, this series is more aimed for the NA to Adult crowd.

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