VBT# I Won't Break - E. Mellyberry

I Won't Break (A Broken Love Story, #2)

Review: I Won't Break - Book #2 My Lea - E. MellyBerry - February 2016
This is the sequel to My Lea and takes place five years after the first book finished and readers , if you have not read the first book - you must do so, before attempting I Won't Break as you will be a bit confused as this is a series that is quite full-on and not just because of the angst but also the storyline and characters are very intense in themselves. To give readers a bit of background, in My Lea - Lea met Andrew and he was a manipulative cold bastard that had perfected his life with having no feelings in order for himself not to get hurt and Lea was your sensitive and naive new adult type girl who had just moved to San Franscisco and fell for Andrew who was her brother's best friend.  Now Five years later, Andrew is running his father's business as his Dad has just passed away , he met a new girl Emily and they are engaged - life seems to finally be looking up for him. That is until a blast from his past in the form of Lea comes rolling back into his life and the book is then split into different POV's of both past and present moments.  Has life given this pair a second chance or actually in this case ,it's more like a third or fourth ? Can the pair who held so much angst ever actually live HEA or are they just dreaming ?
Told in both past and present events, I Won’t Break tests the limit of love when faced with grief and heartbreak, discovers the true power of forgiveness, and explores the meaning of second chances and for those who are triggered by emotional disturbances, then this is a book that will drive you insane with all the angst-filled pages. Think Tessa/Hardin's angst from Anna Todd's After Series and a little bit more as they are older - then you have the Angst level in the My Lea series. More pain and dramatic events take place in this book. Can relationships be repaired? At what cost? After all of this, is "happily ever after" even possible with all of the sadness? Find out all the answers to these questions in I Won't Break by E. Mellyberry - a book that will really show readers how strong love can be even when you are tested to the brink of never coming back from the edge.


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