Review: Wild Hearts - Melissa West

Wild Hearts (Hamilton Stables, #2)

Review: Wild Hearts - Book #2 Hamilton Stables - Melissa West - February 2016

One of the themes I love reading about besides contemporary romances which I am a sucker for second chance romance love stories is books that contain horses. Wild Hearts by Melissa West contained both of those as we meet the youngest brother Alex Hamilton - his family own Hamilton Stables and are one of the wealthy families of the area . Alex has always been viewed as the carefree run with the wind playboy brother , but now he has returned home and is hoping that maybe he can settle down a bit - that's if his brothers will give him a chance as he seems to be stuffing up his opportunities especially since he has trouble keeping it in his pants. There is one girl though that he knows is one of those HEA and forever girls and that is Kate Littleton who happens to also be his older brother Tripp's fiancee Emery's best friend. A few years ago Kate and Alex had a fling and then went their separate ways but he has never stopped loving her. What will happen though when Tripp beats Alex that he can't keep it in his pants till his wedding night ? Can Alex find a way to romance Kate without it leading to sex ? Can this wild heart of Alex's finally be tamed ? 

Find out in this cute contemporary Romance "Wild Hearts" by Melissa West.  The perfect February read for those who love romance and horses and enjoy the idea of winning a bet.


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