Monday, February 15, 2016

VBT# To The Stars - Molly McAdams

Readers, this book is written in the style that only Molly McAdams can pull off , the style that rips our hearts and tugs at our insides as we feel deeply for the characters . To The Stars started when the main characters were 15 and 17. Harlow Evans had met Knox Alexander at a concert she attended with her sister Hadley , the pair connected and hooked up and spent all their time together - that was until he turned 18 and then the rules changed as Knox could now go to jail for seeing a minor as Harlow was considered underage despite that they both loved each other, it didn't matter in the laws eyes. As the years passed, they stayed in contact and Knox told Harlow he would wait for her , but when she turned 18 and he rang, it wasn't the happy phone call that he was expecting as she had met Colin Doherty and was head over heels in love. Four and a half years passed and Harlow was now married to Colin, but it was anything but a fairytale romance as Colin was an abusive monster who hurt Harlow , he was a true bastard and a jerk and Harlow couldn't leave him as he had friends in high places and was truly part of the pyschotic kind. One day while Harlow has popped to the local coffee shop, she hears a voice from her past - Knox . He lives in the same town as her and has never stopped loving her, but with Harlow married and unable to escape are they still chasing an impossible romance and love story ? I shall finish there and say that this book is a hard read and contains alot of domestic violence and abusive scenes and is not one for the light-hearted readers, it can also trigger emotions that you think you have hidden as it is a full-on emotional heartbreaking read.  If you have read Molly McAdams books before, you will know what to expect but if not - I suggest trying one of her earlier books like From Ashes first before going headfirst into To The Stars as it will prepare you for the ride that Molly's books give you.

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