Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: Accidentally in Love with a Biker - Terri Anne Stanley

Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens In Vegas, #13)

Review: Accidentally in Love with a Biker - Book #13 What Happens in Vegas Series - Terri Anne Stanley - February 2016

Kelli Dalton, by day is a timid looking Children's bookshop owner and by night she is a racy erotica writer who writes about Gods and Goddesses in compromising positions. With her bookshop in jeopardy and her landlord breathing down her neck, she is hoping her book will get picked up and this weekend she is on her way to Las Vegas to a Romance Writers Convention. Just before she is to enter the hotel , she is collided with a sexy guy on a bike named Quinn Anderson. After talking as Kelli realises she can't attend this event alone, she talks Quinn into pretending to be her fake boyfriend during the weekend.  With not much else to do and the fact that Kelli is cute, Quinn agrees and soon enters a world he knows nothing about filled with Romance, horny woman and the world of novel writing and of course fun and games as Quinn is entered into a Bachelor Dating Contest. This weekend though is all about fantasy as Kelli only knows Biker Quinn and not Quinn Anderson - the guy with the law degree and the family with loads of money and Quinn only knows Kelli - the romance writer and not Kelli - the children's bookstore owner. During this weekend though something will spark , the pair then go their separate ways but after the weekend when their lives go back to normal -they realise that they love each other and Kelli has even written a new book that's bound to be a Bestseller which includes a sexy children's bookshop owner and a handsome biker.  As a writer myself and one who dreams of one day attending a romance writers convention and the fact that my day job is a children's and teens librarian and one day again hope to write a bestselling romance - I found myself loving this book and enjoying the character of Kelli Dalton.


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