VBT# Just One Night - Jami Wagner

Just One Night (Black Alcove, #2)

Review: Just One Night - Book #2 Black Alcove Series - Jami Wagner - February 2016Following on from Book #1 Just One Kiss , we have Sara whom readers will remember was the bar owner who decided to backpack around Europe and left Kelsey- her best friend in charge and Logan - the guy Sara has always loved. We also catch glimpses of Ethan - who is Sara's cousin and now Kelsey's husband and father of their child. In Just One Night by Jami Wagner, it tells the story of a romance that never seems to have the right timing as something always gets in the way of their happiness whether it be family - which in this case is quite a strong suit as readers will start to wonder if what happens between Sara and Logan mainly her father's fault as he keeps putting obstacles and giant ones at that in the way to keep them separated or work - as Sara is a workaholic and an ambitious one at that and now at 18 , her father has given her the present she has always dreamed of - her own bar , the kicker though is it is based in Colorado and the present was revealed to her less than 24 hours after her and Logan decided enough was enough and to give their relationship a go , or school - as Logan isn't keen on transferring and starting his life over again and now since Sara is on her way to Colorado - Sara's dad has offered Logan the chance to manage the bar in Black Alcove. Both having perfect opportunities in their lives coming up , we read as this couple Sara and Logan must decide which is more important - Job Security or Love ? They may have managed their secret on/off relationship this far, but what will happen when the State lines are drawn and the word "Long Distance" and "Work Schedules" comes into play ?
Will Sara and Logan be able to make it work or will they have to just hold on their "Just One Night" of Love and leave it at that ?
Find out in this New Adult Contemporary Romance "Just One Night" - Book #2 in the Black Alcove Series.


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