Thursday, February 11, 2016

VBT# Rising Ridge - Alexa Jacobs

Rising Ridge

Review: Rising Ridge - Alexa Jacobs - October 2015

Growing up in a small community , Olivia spent most of her time with her best friend Elle and her older brother Connor and his friend Dean. The four of them were inseparable until feelings and emotions got stuck between them and three of them stayed at Rising Ridge and Olivia left the town in her midst behind her and headed to New York to gain the adventure and freedom she needed to become herself and be the person she wanted to be instead of following in her parent's footsteps. Olivia is living her life in New York and working at a bank as a cashier when she gets a phone call from her brother Connor that will set her life in a new path and rock her world as her parents have been killed in a car accident.  Soon Olivia is face to face again with Dean and old memories start to resurface and with forgotten memories comes high emotions including possibilities of love but can the past two years of unspokeness between Olivia and Dean perish overnight . Will Olivia head back to New York and go back to the way things were and turn her back once again on Rising Ridge and the people who live there or will Dean man up and this time not let Olivia walk out that door once again ?
Find out in this YA/NA crossover from Tragedy comes Love story by Alexa Jacobs.

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