Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Ooh La La - Doreen Alsen

Ooh La La (A Candy Hearts Romance)

Review: Ooh La La - Book #3 Candy Hearts Romance Series - Doreen Alsen - February 2016
Accounting teacher Veronica Cooke, is the type of buttoned up girl you would expect as an accountant but underneath all that she is a bit of a klutz and every now and again she likes to let her hair down with her friends. One night a group of her friends takes her to a new club with male dancers and one of them dressed as a Cowboy captures Veronica's eye and soon he becomes her fantasy in bed . By day though the cowboy is a dance teacher at the same college that Veronica works at and soon the pair run into each other and start a little date etc over coffee. Veronica thinks he's her cowboy but of course shy Veronica is nervous to ask. What will happen when truths are revealed and more so when it turns out Veronica's family is well-off and her mother does a background on Simon and his extra-curricular activities comes to light ? Will this be the push Veronica needs to A) stand up to her parents and B) take control of her love life this Valentine's Day and getting down and dirty with her fantasy cowboy ?
Find out in this quick and cutesy Candy Hearts Romance Valentine's Novella.

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