VBT# Happily Ever Ninja - Penny Reid

Happily Ever Ninja is a book that should be read after the Novella Ninja at First Sight as Happily Ever Ninja is written 18 years after Ninja at First Sight where Fiona and Greg have been married for a while and have two children Jack - 8 and Grace - 5 years old. We learn that Greg's job takes him away from the family quite a bit and so Fiona is almost like a single mother but thank goodness to an old family friend and neighbour Matt - she has someone she can rely on especially to help out with Jack. The first part of this book follows Fiona's struggles as being a stay at home mother and we learn about her past as a CIA Agent in which she was recruited during her sophomore year at college, which really puts a spin on her Ninja abilities. The second part of the book is where Fiona will learn that Greg lied to her and that he is working undercover , but what will happen when he turns out kidnapped in Nigeria. With the help of her friends and those in high places, Fiona will travel to Nigeria to rescue her husband, but of course he has other ideas and the plans go haywire. Trouble ensures , but will Fiona and Greg learn to work together and trust one another once again in order to survive and get back home to their families ? Is Greg able to become a regular dad instead of jetsetting around the world especially when Fiona recieves some unexpected news ? . The other thing I loved about Happily Ever Ninja was we were reunited with Fiona's knitting group and Ashley Winston who married Duane from The Winston Brothers series is part of the Knitting group. If you love Chick Lit , Knitting with a hint of Ninja Skills and Adventure, then check out Happily Ever Ninja - Book #5 in the Knitting in the City Series by Penny Reid.


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