Friday, February 26, 2016

VBT# Out of Focus - L.B Simmons

Out of Focus (Chosen Paths)

Review: Out of Focus - L.B Simmons - February 2016

One of my favourite New Adult authors is Texan L.B Simmons , she is someone who I have gotten to know on Facebook and I love chatting to her , she is also one of those authors who I know for certain that I will make sure I read everything that she has written and I have to admit , her book The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller had been my favourite of hers and now Out of Focus has moved up to that number one spot and knocked Aubrey Miller down a notch. What made me really love this book was that even though it is a stand-alone novel, those who read her book Under the Influence which told the story of Spencer and Dalton , in a way this is a sequel and picks up from that scene where Spencer and her best friend Cassie head to Krav Maga and meet Liam and Grady . As we can recall Liam is in fact Dalton. Growing up Cassie suffered and believed she was no longer worthy and in fact the one person she gave her heart to - Rat aka Dalton's best friend , he was murdered. The book starts with Cassie and Spencer trying to move on with their lives as they lost the two most important people in their lives. That is until Liam and Grady come into the picture and Grady starts to fall for Cassie and vice versa and she discovers that maybe their is a silver lining and someone out there who can love her for who she is , the good and the bad and ugly. The other part that I really loved about Out of Focus is near the end Cassie is going to see a friend of Grady's who is now a psychiatrist to talk a bit about childhood issues and this part made me smile as the psychiatrist is none other than Aubrey Miller - Five years on and she is the perfect person to talk to as readers will remember her story from three books ago - The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller. I felt it was really awesome and well done, that the author had brought not one but two books together with Out of Focus.


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