Monday, February 15, 2016

VBT# The Consequences of Seduction - Rachel Van Dyken

The Consequence of Seduction (Consequence, #3)

Review: The Consequence of Seduction - Book #3 Consequences Series - Rachel Van Dyken - February 2016
I first fell in love with this authors writing style and humour when I read Book #1 in the Consequences series. If you love witty banter and downright funny moments , that have you starting to question that maybe your family isn't as insane as you thought after you have read the family dynamics of these characters from Milo and her brother Jason to Milo's husband Colton and finally the Emory brothers - Max and Reid and Max's fiancee Becca. If I had to chose my two favourite characters from this series would have to be Max and Jason. In Book #3 it's Reid's turn to find true love and for this playboy movie star it's going to be nothing be trouble and mayhem especially since he has an older brother called Max . Reid has gone to sign up with a new PR Firm and gets the manager Jordan who is awesome at her job and definitely not his type of girl. It's going to be a breeze working with her as how can someone like these two ever fall in love with one another ? Max believes his brother is losing his touch and to play a prank on him (they are famous for this) he sets up a sort of Bachelor show called "The Taming of the Shrew" which goes hand in hand with the new Shakespeare film he is starring lead in . Of course , readers can see where I am going with this as Jordan ends up being the chosen one and soon finds herself living with Reid and being part of his and Max's everyday life. What will happen though when Jordan believes that everything was just part of a PR game ? Can she really be in love with a movie star and does he really care about her or was it all a stunt to get him back into the eyes of the public with a good image ?
Find out in The Consequences of Seduction and whether or not when it comes to the crunch - when seducing , can you draw the line of lust and love and when does it move over to not being a game but real true love ?
If you love New Adult romances filled with bundles of laughter which will have you chuckling through the pages, then you will fit right at home with Book #3 of Rachel Van Dyken's series "The Consequences of Seduction"

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