Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: The Academic Bride - Lucy McConnell


The Academic Bride (Billionaire Marriage Brokers, #1)

Review: The Academic Bride - Book #1 Billionaire Marriage Brokers Series - Lucy McConnell - March 2015

If you were guaranteed a hefty sum of money and all you had to do was marry a billionaire and pretend to be his wife and companion to events would you do it or are you the type that would only marry for love ? Janel had planned an archaelogical dig out by the Mayan Temples until the funding fell through , desperate to get the money she needs - one day while out for coffee she overhears two women speaking and the possibility of a job opening. It's pay was what she needed. On a whim Janel applies to Pamela and gets the job - thing is she doesn't actually know what the position is or entails until she arrives and discovers she has been signed up as a modern day mail-order bride and the business Pamela owns is called Billionaire Marriage Brokers. What happens is Billionaire apply and Pamela matches them with a bride - normally conditions are they have to be married for a year , then can divorce and go their separate ways.  Nick is a computer geek and looking for a wife and a friend recommended this service.  Janel and Nick end up getting paired and a marriage proceeds. As the couple spend more time together though , it seems that their marriage may actually be sparking some real romance or are they both just that good at playing the pretend marriage game ? I really enjoyed The Academic Bride and went on to purchase the others in the series . The thing though that gets me about these books is when does the line of pretending and playing the game stop and they fall in love as to me I believe that in any marriage, once you are around that person for a while - feelings will develop . On a personal level, I have always wondered about arranged marriages, as you have to think whether or not that if we had arranged marriages today - would less people be getting divorced or more ? In a way these sorts of books appeal to me as it's like reading a modern day Cinderella story type romance .
 If you are looking for that type of read , love Cinderella and wanting a 22nd Century Mail-order bride novel , then check out The Academic Bride by Lucy McConnell today.

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