VBT# Counsellor - Celia Aaron

This is one of those books where if you don't like BDSM and all those painful things that can come with torture and erotica fiction , then you will not enjoy it. I however loved this book and for me to love something that is written like this as I am not a huge fan , It has to be written amazingly well and enjoyable and you have to get to know the characters in the book. In Counsellor we meet Stella Rosseau and Sinclair Vinemont. Stella's father is heading straight to a long prison sentence as several investments went down south fast , that is unless Stella signs a contract handing herself over to Sinclair Vinemont for one year. Then after the one year, they are both free to go their separate ways - that is if she can last the year as Sinclair wants her as his Acquisiton for the Sovereign Games this year where each year the eldest of the top families present a person (guy or girl) as a token in order to win the role of Sovereign. The Acquistion games are tough and include branding, whipping , abuse in the forms of rape and BDSM. They are technically slaves and sex objects used for everyone's pleasure.  The thing though is that in moments Stella and Sinclair connect and they have a spark of maybe romance blooming and then he turns horrible again. What will happen though when things go downhill fast for Sinclair and Stella and she chooses his brother Lucius over him ? This book ends on a cliffhanger, but I cannot wait to read more of this series as It was captivating and I could not put it down and read in one sitting. The other thing I loved is that it had courtroom drama , a bit of stepbrother love storyline and set in the heart of the South as the families involved are that of "old money".


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