Saturday, February 27, 2016

VBT# Tested by Her WebMaster - Normandie Alleman

Tested by Her Web Master (Web Master, #2)

Review: Tested by Her Web Master - Book #2 Web Master Series - Normandie Alleman - February 2016

First off this is a series where you don't necessarily have to read the series in order as I haven't yet gotten around to reading Book #1 but was able to understand completely what was happening in Tested by Her Web Master. I will however warn readers that if you are not one for filthy and dirty language , then please put down this book and do not attempt to open it as from the very first sentence and page you are presented with a whole lotta language. For me I've neer been a huge fan but I am a believer that when the book is written properly and in a way that hooks readers and if it's the appropiate situation -then swearing etc is acceptable and normally this would be too much for me but I was drawn in and I am not a huge explorer into the BDSM world of books, though I have a few on my Kindle to read . If Tested by the Web Master was my first introduction into the world , then I think I have covered all bases and prepared for whatever is chucked at me as this book is not just your Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM novel or one which has the occassional slapping or whipping but this book is what I would call Serious BDSM-work going on here and it doesn't just glaze over it but goes in full-on detail mode. In Tested by her Web Master we meet Sophie whom has been in a Dom/Sub relationship with Quentin whom she met in a training session online . Things have been going well for the both of them and she is becoming to accept what it takes to be the perfect submissive. Quentin has a proposition for her as he has been asked to train a new Dom and wants Sophie to work as his Sub and give him feedback. Sophie is a little hesitant at first but then as the book goes on , so does Sophie's work with BA (the new dom). As often with these books , I was waiting for the disappointing part to happen or what I call the sad part of the book - the part which will tear them apart but it didn't come , not till the end and OMFG what a twist it was when the "sad" part finally arrived and then I noticed there wasn't many pages left and thought NOOOOOO it can't end like this and wham bam we were thrown with another twist which ended the book , so readers Tested by her Web Master ends on a major cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read Book #3. 

This book has to be read by ALL Romance readers and put it this way , I am not normally into the content of this story but the way it was written and held the readers attention - OMG it was awesomenist.

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