Monday, February 22, 2016

VBT# If We Never Met - Allison Winfield

If We Never Met - A Collection of Short Stories

Review: If We Never Met - Allison Winfield - 2016 (Coming Soon)

Are you a fan of short stories ? Needing some quick romance reads to tie you over in your busy day ? Allison Winfield has released a collection of four short stories all rekindling and wondering about relationships and blossoming romances. I'm not sure if every girl or woman is like this, but I think we all have those "If We Never Met" thoughts , ones where if we hadn't met the guy we are with now or the one we are supposed to be with - where would we be now ? For me, I had my whole life planned as I thought that I wouldn't be with the one I wanted to as we had broken up and I had a new life plan sorted out - I was going to head overseas after finishing my degree and become a humanitarian working for VSA. That plan for me went out the window as six months before I finished my degree - the one that had gotten away came back and we decided to give it another go and nearly five years on - we are still together and I am still in Tauranga. In this short stories collections we are given four stories Stay With Me ,Coming Home ,Summer Fling and Starting Over all that have a second chance , a new romance , fate meetings. There is something for all those inner romance lovers out there.

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