Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: Hollywood Temptation - Scarlet Wilson

Hollywood Temptation (Seacliffe Medical, #2)

Review: Hollywood Temptation - Book #2 Seacliffe Medical Series - Scarlet Wilson - March 2014

Staying at my Nanas where there is no internet can sometimes be a good way to catch up on some old titles sitting in my Kindle app. With not much else to do except read and watch TV and with not very good shows on , I opted to read and the first book I read was Hollywood Temptation which transported me back to Seacliffe Medical which I remembered as I had read Book #1 a while back. In Hollywood Temptation we meet Selena who has a MBA in finance but after graduation wasn't able to put her MBA to good use and ended up working as a temp around a few offices. With all the glam and glitz of Hollywood , it is far too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all and spend more than you actually earn which is what Selena has done - she is a shopaholic. When her latest boyfriend hits the roof, she finds herself kicked out and nowhere to go. During this time , she is quickly gathering her items when one of her high heels hits her in the head. This causes her to end up at SeaCliffe Medical centre , where she meets the Dr. Colt Travers.  The good doctor stitches her up and sends her on his way, but when her card declines she has no way to pay her bill. Enter a proposition as the clinic has been without a receptionist/admin officer since the latest media leak and with Selena's experience - she offers to work to pay off her debt.  Now with a job, she still needs a home which at this stage is her car/ one of the unused guest cottages. As the book goes on you can guess what happens with the romance link , but what happens when Selena notices someone is stealing money from the business and she is accused of it ? Will Colt stand by Selena or will he dismiss her like the others ? 
Hollywood Temptation was a fast read and written very well and kept me intrigued throughout the story, which often in a romance novel is quite difficult as many start to blend into one another and cliched.  
I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 in the Seacliffe Medical Series .

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