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Review: Molly Gets Her Man - Julie Rowe

Molly Gets Her Man

Review: Molly Gets Her Man - Julie Rowe - January 2014

To the untrained eye Molly McLaren looks like another bimbo blonde working in Las Vegas as a hairdresser but beneath the bimbo outlook , Molly is actually quite intelligent and used to work for the public court system as a translator and can speak fluently seven languages. During one of her hairdressing sessions , Molly overhears a Russian planning to assassinate the Senator at an upcoming event. Molly informs the police and the next thing she knows is that they are after her as there must be a leak in the police department. Molly's brother Mike was in the Special Forces and has enlisted the help of an old buddy of his Grey who was also on the Police force but is currently on leave due to a sting gone bad. We learn that his sting and Molly's Russian are connected . What happens though when they discover that the Russian has put a hit on Molly's head and now wherever they go - someone is after her. Can the pair make it to safety and warn the Senator or will their be bumps and injuries along the way as Molly and Grey encounter a number of people wanting them both dead - especially Molly which since Grey is slowly falling in love with is definitely not going to let that happen even if it means resorting to violence - which is a little difficult since Molly is a pacifist . 
Molly Gets Her Man was another fast-paced romance novel filled with action and adventure , foriegn languages and a novel where what you see on the surface ain't nessecarily what you get.

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