Friday, February 12, 2016

VBT# Always Room For Cupcakes - Bethany Lopez

Always Room for Cupcakes

Review: Always Room for Cupcakes - Bethany Lopez - February 2016

I wasn't too sure what to expect from Always Room for Cupcakes as I have a few of Bethany Lopez's books on my Ipad to read , but haven't yet read them but I loved Always Room for Cupcakes and found myself really enjoying the main character Lila and her personality. Lila is what I could imagine Veronica Mars would be like if she was 30+ and was a single mother. After Lila's husband was caught cheating with whom Lila nicknamed "Starbucks Girl" , she got a job working for a PI. Tracking down other scumbags and low-level criminals and snapping as she had skills with a camera. The name for the book too comes from the fact that Lila's loves eating Cupcakes after her missions . In this book, Lila seems to be followed by Cade - a MC biker who as the book goes on becomes a sort-of protector from the bad stuff as Lila lately seems to find herself in the midst of trouble - this part reminded me of Stephanie Plum mixed with Izzy Spellman . Near the end, the book's tone does change from light-hearted PI novel to a bit darker when trouble gets too close to home for Lila - think mafia mob style. However, if you love HEA's then it does finish on a good note. If you love PI novels , laughs , romantic comedy and a bit of mystery along the way and some yummy Biker studs, then Always Room for Cupcakes by Bethany Lopez is the read for you.


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