Review: The Absence of Olivia - Anie Michaels

The Absence of Olivia

Review: The Absence of Olivia - Anie Michaels - October 2015

First off, I have to say one of the reasons I got this book was due to the fact I have a cover crush on it. I loved the purples and green/greys. The other reason was due to the fact it sounded like a good book.  The book starts off with 28yr old Olivia and her best friend Evelyn aka Evie. They first met when they were 14yrs old when Evie moved into Olivia's area and they started to go to school together. Now at 28yrs old Olivia is dying and the book starts with Olivia on her deathbed promising Evie to take care of her family. The book then has Olivia dying and we meet Olivia's family - a son, daughter and Devon. The book then jumps back to their college days when Evie first met and fell in love with Devon and then of course weeks later, Devon started dating Olivia. Since their first meeting Evie has always loved Devon and used to wonder What if ? , but now that Olivia has gone - she doesn't want to be his second choice and feels weird with her dead friends husband. The book flips back and forth to their past and how Evie couldn't hold a relationship as it was always Devon as her first choice and how Olivia struggled with her relationship with Devon and eventually Marriage. No matter what has happened it was always the three of them against the world. What will happen though when Devon starts to act on his feelings with Evie , now that Olivia has gone ? Will she reciprocrate or will she struggle as her memory of Olivia is always there ? What will happen when new guy Nate arrives on the scene ? Is this Evie's chance at happiness especially when Devon and the family decide to move closer to his parents ? Or will this moment be when she realises , that it's finally her time to find out what her first choice is and what makes her happy in order to fully move on with her life and no longer live in the shadows of her best friends ?
Find out in The Absence of Olivia which I enjoyed as the ending was a complete twist to what I thought might happen which made it refreshing to read for a change as most books go the same way. If you love edginess, drama and lifelong friendships, then check out The Absence of Olivia by Anie Michaels .


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