Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Heroine Hearts - Kirsty Anne Still

This book starts off with a bang as we are presented with a group of girls , being forced to snort cocaine and taste the drugs and one of them dies. We later learn that these girls are drug mules and were kidnapped and lured during Spring Breaks. One of the girls is a favourite - her name is Isla but she is called Eighteen. That is because we discover there has been seventeen girls before her. Isla is strong and does not let her weaknesses show, she is sort of a mothering figure to the girls. No-one has made her feel loved or like she is worth something. No-one until now. A new guy has arrived into the Cartel -his name is Javier and we discover that he is searching for someone and has infiltrated the cartel for clues. As the book goes along we watch Javier and Isla start to feel and fall for one another, but what will happen when secrets, truths and lies are revealed ? Will they still be able to love one another when the bad is revealed or were they living in a fantasy world thinking that nothing could be worse than the life they are already living ? I have to admit when I saw the cover and title I didn't expect this book to be quite as dark as it was and to go the way it did. Heroine Hearts is one of those books where no matter how hard life is , sometimes you will get a sliver of hope that one day the light at the end of the tunnel will open up to you and you will escape - hopefully alive but sometimes the only way out is in a body bag. 
I shall end this review with the parting words that if you love dark reads and edgy stories , and can stomach heavy violence, human trafficking , rape , drug and sexual abuse then Heroine Hearts is one powerful read that will keep you reading , just in hope that the characters will have a HEA eventually.


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