Friday, June 17, 2016

#VBT : SEVEN - Amy Marie


Review: SEVEN - Amy Marie - May 2016

Seven , that's how many people ruined Annie's life and she was going to make them pay. Known as the PITCREW - these seven guys decided to make Annie's life hell during her High School years especially when they decided to make a bet on which one of them could have their way with her first. After the bet was completed, they had a sex tape of her and held it over her head and then the night of graduation - they released it to the whole school. Tragedy followed soon after and Annie escaped to make a new fresh slate for herself and reinvented herself as Embyr . As Embyr , she worked up the perfect plan to get revenge and bring down the lives of all seven of the PITCREW. Now ten years later, she has started to put the plan into action and is slowly making her way through the list. All is going well, until she gets to the C of the group Casen and she finds herself slowly falling in love with him and when he tells his story of regret - she discovers that he was in fact in love with her all along and has been secretly searching for Annie and has always regretted the way she was treated. Can Embyr stop with her plan or has she come to far ? What happens when she starts to fall deeper and deeper and vice versa for Casen and her past comes back to haunt her ? Can she tell him the truth in time or will he feel betrayed and her Karma will come back to bite her on the bottom ? I have to say firstly that I did love this book and it was fast-paced and really captivating, but on a personal level - I am a HEA type of girl unless for a strong reason you can't have one then that's alright. The ending for SEVEN didn't really do it for me as I had hoped it would have a nicer twist rather than a short, blunt ending and an ending that really screams the motto that A) Payback is the B word and B) Karma really does exist.  The ending is the thing standing between my rating of 5 stars and a 5 stars and Highly Recommended.
I did read at the end of this book that the author has decided to write a POV novel for Casen's view , so I will be interested if she leaves it at the same ending or adds a little more on for readers.

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