Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Defending Hearts - Shannon Stacey

Defending Hearts (Boys of Fall, #2) 

Review: Defending Hearts - Book #2 Boys of Fall Novel - Shannon Stacey - October 2015
Alex has been travelling all around the world as a famous photographer, but now with social media - actual photographers are in a shortage and after spending some time in his hometown after just over a decade away , he found himself missing that feeling . Now he has the time to head back home and since the community suffered during the recent recession - he has a story that he feels he needs to write . So he contacts Coach who puts him in touch with the Walkers and in particular Gretchen Walker as they have a room spare in their farm house.  Gretchen Walker is the type of girl who is practical and takes more after her grandfather's personality rather than her warm, welcoming and flirtatious nature that her Grandmother Ida holds. As Alex starts to wander around town taking photographs and chatting to the current boys of the Stewart Falls football team - he realises that what he has been missing out on all these years by travelling is that feel of family and the love that comes from growing up in a small tight-knit community.  As the book goes along , we see the development of Gretchen as she starts to let her walls down and welcome Alex inside but with the boarding of the room and project being only temporary - will she let Alex into her heart or be protective as she doesn't want to fall in love with him in case she gets hurt ? 
Will Alex decide to make his stay in Stewart Falls's more permanent as he realises this time around he has more to lose than ever before ? Has he finally found the home he has been looking for , for the past fourteen years ? 
Find out in this smalltown romance novel - perfect for that February Valentine's reading in Book #2 of Shannon Stacey's Boys of Fall novel "Defending Hearts" and readers if you have not read a Shannon Stacey book - what are you waiting for as I fell in love with her writing when reading her series "The Kowalski Family".

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