Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Find Me - Cait Jarrod

Find Me (A Candy Hearts Romance)

Review: Find Me - Candy Hearts Romance Series - Cait Jarrod - February 2016
Years ago growing up Lyse was best friends with Cooper until one day changed everything and caused them to drift apart , it was also the day that would change Lyse's idea of romance and soulmates . As Rill who owned the local general store, told Lyse a legend where every year the Candy Hearts company made two Find Me Hearts and that whoever recieved them each year , if they found one another - it meant that they were soulmates. That year Lyse and Cooper both recieved one , but when Lyse was asked out by a footballer - things changed and over the next years Lyse and Cooper stopped hanging out and went their own ways. Though this hurt Lyse, they both moved on with their lives. Now years later, it's time for a High School Reunion and the Find Me Hearts have been sent out once again and Lyse is the lucky recipient . Heading back to town though puts her face to face with Cooper and memories are brought back bubbling to the surface. Will unresolved issues be sorted ? Will the truth of the Find Me Hearts be discovered and will Lyse finally find her soulmate this time around - the one who holds dear the "Find Me" heart ?
Find out in the quick romance read Find Me which is part of the new Candy Hearts Romance Series .
 The perfect Valentine's Day Treat.


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