Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Keep Me - Michelle Mankin

Book #2 Remember Me finished with Mr. Johnny Lightning in a suave suit whispering the words Remember Me , which if you were like me - it made you swoon and you wish that you had a Mr. Johnny Lightning in your life.  Where Find Me was all about Annabelle and Johnny's first meeting and Remember Me about Annabelle's life, in Keep Me we discover and take a walk back through Johnny's past and learn about how he became Johnny Lightning and was in the band Noir signed up by Black Cat Records - which made me smile as if you are a fan of Michelle's earlier works you will remember from her previous series "Black Cat Records" . In Keep Me, we still read as Charles is being a manipulative jerk but it seems that by Book #3 Keep Me - Annabelle has finally grown a backbone and found some guts to leave the guy behind and I love how her children are supportive of this as that's who comes first in her life. In Keep Me, all will be revealed to whether Annabelle will get her happy ending as she discovers that she is pregnant ? Whose baby is it - is it Charles and will she find herself trapped once again or is it Johnny's which will give her a chance to start a new and happy life ? What I have loved about this series is that Annabelle was a geninue nice person and you have the idea that she may not be model looking material, but that she has a great personality and that she has a big heart and is a beauty on the inside and that in order to find someone who truly loves you , you don't have to look like a model as if it's meant to be then they will discover the goodness inside and it's the inner beauty that you hold within you that they fall in love with.
Females out there - Don't be a Shallow Hal , but instead be a Annabelle or a Claire - be An Audrey and let your light shine out of you as inner beauty lasts a lot longer than outer beauty and in the long run is more important.


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